Staying Connected when Working Remotely

Updated: Jan 7

There’s something about the buzz in the office that first day back after the festive break - catching up on holiday stories, sharing the latest news and comparing who ate the biggest Christmas lunch. You can feel the energy in the air. Except this year... *insert crickets*.

Work is more than just well… work. And working remotely is here to stay, for now at least. Teams will have to be intentional to keep that intangible glue and energy that surrounds the “what” of what we actually do.

This article from Harvard Business Review shows that the 3 biggest things at stake when working remotely is losing PLAY, PURPOSE and DEVELOPING POTENTIAL. As leaders we need to work hard and smart to keep this alive while still achieving company goals.

Here are some thoughts on how to keep the energy and momentum:

  1. Use video in meetings - this can be cringe worthy when done impromptu, but encourage a culture of presence during meetings by having a few team meetings where everyone switches on their video

  2. Involve family and fur-mily - encourage a session where everyone can introduce their housemates - be it their partners, spouses, kids or fur-kids

  3. Set up a Kahoot! Quiz session - if you don’t know it yet this is an online quiz platform with 100s of preloaded quizzes from general knowledge to specific quizzes such as Harry Potter Trivia etc. You can also set up your own.

  4. Start meetings with a human question - Before jumping into the latest status on Project X - ask “what did you have for ‘breakfast / lunch” or a similar question

  5. Speaking of lunch - why not schedule a time slot where everyone is “online” but having lunch and of course - switch on the camera so you can compare who has the stringiest cheesiest cheese toast!

  6. Be intentional with scheduling “fun” time. It’s the beginning of the year and we are still fresh. Those days will come where deadlines are looming and it’s tempting to be all work and no play. Work is priority, but don’t let the fun slip away as the year gets older.

  7. Real phone calls is a thing - not to police or when you can’t reach a colleague online, but just a different way of connecting and a gentle surprise.

  8. Utilise online platforms - at Kukula we are great fans of Slack. But whatever floats your boat in terms of effortless connection and also keeping relevant themes in different channels. Whatsapp can mix personal and business comms, but can also work if you don’t have Slack.

  9. Start a “Coffee Station” channel on Slack - share bits and bobs of useless but interesting info on here to spark a conversation.

  10. Keep in touch with team member’s personal lives - now more than ever make effort to remember and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special events.

  11. Be intentional about learning what is important to your team members and check in with them on updates - for example how their Ocarina (Google that if you don’t know what it is) practice is coming along.

  12. Encourage a culture of knowledge sharing - e.g. share snippets with the team on interesting books and articles that you’ve come across and think they might find interesting

  13. Use meme’s!!!!

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