Maintaining Momentum - Marketing when things are slow

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

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Did you know that in 2020 we’ve spent more days “in” lockdown than out? It’s safe to say that business as (un)usual is now the norm.  Be it the internal, external, market or macro economic factors like COVID that are influencing your new normal, there are actions you can take to steer your boat and align it for the best possible wind, or hey even create your own marketing magic!

1. Don’t Panic

First things first, stay calm. No matter how chaotic or quiet things may be, keep a level head and consider all things. We hope this article will help you!  Read on...

2. Revisit Your WHY

You started your business for a reason, right?  Right! Perhaps you are finding yourself in the doldrums  because your business revenue has dried up.  Successful businesses solve real problems, and the world knows we have plenty of those right now. Revisiting your WHY should help you find your and your clients’ mojo!

3. Regular connection with customers 

Money follows eyeballs.  Mailers, WhatsApp stories, posting on social media can all be done in smart and creative ways to get you noticed, remembered and bought at a fraction of what you think it may cost, if not FREE!   Choose your channel and CONNECT with your audience and most importantly make it easy for them to buy from you.  Let us help you :).  

Chat to us to find smart ways that will get you noticed and remembered by your audience :)

4. What is in your hand?

“Use what you have to get where you want to be” is one of our favourite sayings here at Kukula Marketing.  What do you have?  It may be a mailbox full of email addresses, your phone full of contacts, a valuable business relationship that you haven’t utilised yet. Hey, if you're in a quiet spell, it might even be that you finally have the TIME to grow your business in ways you were never able to when it was a rat race. We all have things in our hand right now that could be the key to unlocking growth and momentum.  What is yours? 

5. Focus on Generating Revenue

Let me guess... your cashflow is also affected if things are a bit slow? Therefore stop wasting time with things that are peripheral and prioritise the top 3 actions that will get your revenue going.  Be single minded in pursuing and executing them. This could be reactive - following up on outstanding invoices, marketing more actively or proactive, sharing images on social media.  Identify what will bring in the bucks and pursue it single mindedly.

6. Get some help from a friend

Don’t suffer in silence. When things are slower than expected, pick up the phone and call someone with a different perspective.  Have questions ready, so you can pick their brain and get fresh perspective. You’d be surprised what can come from shooting the breeze on a Thursday afternoon.  And hey, we’re available! Did we mention we offer a FREE 40 minute marketing consultation

7. Get your website up to date

Are you ready for the influx of business that is going to come your way from doing all of the above?  Best you start dusting the cobwebs off your website and making sure you are looking the part when clients come knocking. We're talking revisiting your user journey, fixing broken links and sorting your keyword strategy out. Here’s a post we recently wrote on websites and how you can optimise, maintain and use your website for the best possible business results!

8. Stay grateful 

It’s cheesy, but find the silver lining!  There’s always something to be grateful for!  Never forget that.

And lastly, in the words of Dr Seuss..

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