How to Keep Your Website Secure, Updated and Optimised

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Simply having a website is like parking a Ferrari in the garage and leaving it there.  You have one, so now the job is done, right?  Wrong! 

Why waste the time, energy and budget to start and end your digital presence by simply ticking a box?

Besides, there’s some pretty cool things you can do with your site to achieve real business objectives, but that is a post for another day (or contact us).  For now, let’s focus on the basics of what needs to work on the site.

1. Purpose

Decide what you want the website to achieve.  Here are a few suggestions: share information, get information from potential clients or sell something.  Everything else is built on the purpose of your site, so make sure it ties in with what you want your business to achieve.

2. Atmosphere

Within a split second of landing on your website, a user will make a decision whether or not to stay on your site.  BOOM, you could lose them just like that! Their decision is informed by how your site makes them feel.  This is influenced by - 

  • Design - Does your website design match your business and brand?  For example if you are a technology company, does your site look cutting edge and innovative?

  • Messaging - The biggest boldest text (other than your logo of course) should explain what your business is about in 5 words or less

  • Text & Copy - Short punchy taglines communicate what users can expect from your site.  Make sure there is easy to read text that cuts to the chase of what your business is about.

  • Images -  Less is more here.  Use strong imagery loud and bold to help communicate the message.  Humans are lazy, we want to see before we read.  

3. User Journey

Ok, so you managed to pass the first split second, now the user wants to get what they need from your website and get out.  Of course, you also want to achieve something from the user’s visit.  You want the user to DO something.  Leave their contact details, read how cool your products are, download a file, sign up for a newsletter or buy your products.  

User journey mapping is a fancy term for saying “making it as easy as possible to give visitors to your site what they want.”  

Let us help you optimise the flow of your site by mapping the best and quickest path for a user to get to where they need to go on your site.

4. Website Load Speed

Can you fry an egg in the time it takes to load your site?  If the answer is yes, you’re dead in the water with your users.  Not to mention, Google doesn’t like slow sites either.  There’s some smart stuff you can do to improve your load speed such as reduce the file size of your images.  Let us help you sort this out :) 

5. Remove “Not Secure” from your Site

Ever wondered why so many sites have some version of “Not Secure” in the browser bar? Well it’s got to do with your SSL certificate that needs to be updated on a regular basis.  Fixing this is not a big job, but you need to know what you are doing.  We have affordable packages available to help you sort this out starting from R500.  Contact us to get you sorted on this one in no time!  Pssst… did you know that Google also penalises you for the display of “Not Secure.”

6. Mobile Optimised

We shouldn’t need to say this, but your website needs to communicate as well, if not better on mobile as it does on a desktop view. More views are taking place on mobile than any other device so you may even be better off starting your design on mobile and adjusting for desktop.

7. Analytics

Do you know how many visitors come to your site?  Where do they come from?  What are they doing on your site?  Well, all of these insights are available to you absolutely free of charge, courtesy of Google.  Imagine the smart decisions you could make to better your site’s experience and the information you could glean for your business based on this?  Let’s help you set up analytics on your site so you could start 

We could carry on about websites for a long time, watch this space for a post on driving traffic to your site, because as we said, having the site is only half the battle won.  Let’s make sure your site is optimised and secure and from there on get people to use and engage with it.

This article is copyright of Kukula Marketing (Pty) Ltd. If you'd like to republish or need help with original content, drop us a message and let's see how we can work together :)

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