Expo Checklist - Tips & Tricks to get the Best ROI

Expo’s can cost an arm and a leg if you look at them from a budget perspective BUT they can also be a hub and concentration of your target market which can make them an investment.

Simply being at the right place at the right time is not enough. Here are some tips on maximising your bang for buck at expo’s.

1. First things first – Premarketing your attendance

Before you even step foot onto your 3 x 3m stand, you can gain awareness and create excitement by premarketing your attendance. Use your social media, send out a mailer to your existing database and let everyone know that you will be in the house.

2. FAME… Remember my name

Delegates will be bombarded with 1000s of messages during their visit. Average is just not going to cut it here. Make sure you are remembered by making your stand STAND OUT!!! Beat the boredom in a crazy or classy way think balloons or really smart and sexy looking promo girls, or a pink elephant, unicorns and a mermaid!

Staple a sweet to your business card, do whatever you have to for them to remember YOU!

3. Tag team

An expo can be the longest day of your life if you don’t share the load. Before expo day, divide your team up into shifts so that there are always fresh faces and feet on the stand. Also try pair a bubbly personality with someone less outgoing so that you do not have two introverts manning the stand at any one point in time. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Look the part

Don’t go standing there in your washed out shirt with your hair in a mess. You are the brand! Branded shirts, name badges and neatly pressed clothing is in order. If time is limited at least all wear the same shirts so that you look uniform.

5. All about that base, bout that base

Data-base that is! You have living breathing prospects walking right under your nose at an expo, but what about afterwards? Capture visitors’ details before they leave your stand. Make sure you are POPI compliant by asking them to opt in to any newsletters etc you are planning on sending their way afterwards.

6. Stock up on brand collateral

That is a big word for banners, brochures and business cards. Make sure you have ENOUGH business cards, brochures and handouts. Now here’s an opportunity to be clever. If you are tight on budget, simply maximising the messaging your business card could be enough – in that case, see point 2 above.

7. Furniture

A cocktail table and some chairs go a long way. This way you are still at eye level when engaging visitors who step onto the stand, but you can give your feet a rest.

8. Digital

Create some digital content before the event that can loop and catch passers-by’s attention. Keep the font BIG and text limited to what you put on each slide.

Of course, you can also contact the Kukula team. We make your expo experience a breeze and more importantly help you maximise the opportunity to generate future business. Give us a shout to make sure you attend the right expo and that you are maximising the opportunity!


This post was written by Tina Bodill

Tina heads up Kukula Marketing and loves getting her hands dirty on solving marketing problems from strategy, to brand development and marketing project execution mostly for Medium sized B2B Businesses.

She is a mom to a little human, a pug and a sausage dog and loves vintage Mustangs.

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