Now What? Effective Marketing During and Post Lockdown

Updated: May 25, 2020

Don’t just sit there, now is the best time to get cracking on your marketing!  The world around us is changing and the world closer to us is in a temporary flux.  Who knows what our new normal will look like? One thing is for sure, you want to make sure you are ready when it hits and there’s some smart stuff you can do in the mean time too!

Use these tips to make sure you are in a good space both now and when things return to “normal.”

1. Take a Good Long Look at Your Marketing Efforts to Date

Review your strategy. No sacred cows. What has worked over the last few months? What are you just doing for the sake of it? What have you stopped doing because of being “busy”? And most importantly what has reaped results?  What should you be doing differently?  

2. Review Your Offering

How can you make the most of the current opportunities out there?  What do you have in your hand that you can use? It’s hard to think in new ways about your current offering, but what is the market demanding and better yet what are the world leaders in your industry doing?

3. Rejig your Messaging 

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. More than ever the world calls for empathy and transparency. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what is most important to them.  It may not be the traditional sell sell sell approach.  Tailor your messaging to that.

Important Tip: Review your imagery while you are at it.  Change out images where people are in large groups or in close physical proximity or touching as these may be considered insensitive while we face social distancing precautions.

4. Stay Present

Out of sight, out of mind… you know how the saying goes.  If ever there was a time to stay in front of your target market, it is NOW!  Even though you may not be in their physical space, be sure to have your marketing firing on all cylinders digitally.

But how you ask, have a chat to us and let us help you with some ideas. Which leads us to our next point...

5. Find New Ways of Engaging your Customers

We’re talking Q & A Zoom Sessions, Online Training, Webinars, Videos, the list is endless.  Why not try something new?  Everyone is, and if it doesn’t work out, dust yourself off and move on.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

6. Beef Up Your Website

Your silent salesperson, your digital showroom, your wealth of information.   Now is the best time to go through it with a fine tooth comb and make improvements.  Pssst… talk to us to do a website audit for you :).  There’s so much more to it - messaging, imagery, Search Engine Optimisation and so much more.  We’d love to give you a hand :)

Oh and by the way - please have a snoop around ours, we’ve just redone it.

7. Do Customer Research

From hardcore NPS (Net Promoter) & CES (Customer Effort) scores to just a general check in on how customers are doing, it’s always a good idea to get closer to your customers and their problems to help them solve them.

8. Engage Non-marketing Staff

Key staff with fresh perspective may be limited in their normal roles due to restrictions.  We're talking operations administrators, field technicians, sales people etc.  Why not host a brainstorming session with them OR share some tasks that come out of the brainstorming session share the marketing load with these guys?

9. Automate and Update Your Database 

A relevant and updated database is worth gold.  Is yours?  Now is a good time to dust it off and add and remove customers.  If you haven’t already, look into automation, this will save you much time and effort. 

Not sure how to automate your database?  Most CRM systems should allow for this and if you don’t have a CRM system, good old Excel or Google Sheets can work too!

10. Improve your Customer Journey

Your customer journey is every touchpoint that a customer or potential customer engages with you on along their adventure with you.  Are you crisp in your communication, not all moments with customers are equal and you want to make sure you are ahead of the game and wowing yours at the right time.  

Chat to us to map your customer journey and find points of improvement. 

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