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 Marketing Management

From creating a smart strategy to smooth execution that gets results - we have you covered. Connect with clients and potential clients through effective social media, PR coverage, websites, mailers and much more - complete with insights and reporting.

Marketing Extra Campaign Capacity Short

Project Capacity

Need extra capacity on a specific project, event or campaign? You've come to the right place. 


From software development projects to VIP events, our team will compliment yours and ensure execution to the highest standard.

Temporary Marketing Management Service_M

Maternity & Resignation Cover

Yes, we're open! Keep momentum with our temporary marketing management service while your permanent staff is not available.

We make sure key projects carry on during maternity leave or resignation / recruitment of marketing managers or other marketing staff.

About Us

Kukula Marketing_B2B Marketing Agency_Ou

Kukula means to grow and that is what we're about.


We provide freelance marketing services with a focus on B2B (business to business) marketing strategy, execution and project management.


Through our smart solutions, our clients enjoy a professional service and stay competitive in their markets with the freedom to scale our service up or down as their needs require. No full time employees. No monthly salary bills. Only service when and where you need it. 

Oh, and did we mention we're results oriented.  If you win, we win.  That is why we streamline our service to support your business and project goals.

Led by Tina Bodill, with over 10 years' experience, she works with the best in the business to provide an exceptional professional service.   We're based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but support businesses with teams across the country.

You're in the right place and we can't wait to get to know you better. 

Tina Bodill - Founder and MD


Our Work

Business Strategy Review
Industry Review  |  Macro Factors
Growth Opportunities  |  Implementation
Scoping  |  Planning
Stakeholder Engagement
Angle Development  |  Story Telling  
Photography |  Media Liaison  |  Placement 
Concept  |  Layout  |  Copy Writing  |  Design  |  Distribution
Concept  |  Messaging  |  Flow
Icons  |  Design  |  Distribution
Conferences  |  Agendas  | 
Speakers' Briefs  |  Media Coverage
Google Ads  |  SEO 
Social Media  |  Newsletters
<IR> Framework  |  Governance  |  
Writing  |  Imagery  |  Layout  |  Publishing

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Let’s talk if you need competent & flexible capacity to take your business to the next level.  

Software Proficiency 

We are fast learners when it comes to software suites and know our way around these. We are also able to learn and work with your organisation's software architecture if it is different to the below.



You are in good company

"Kukula took our marketing to a new level – setting a standard across our industry."

Cliff Lamberton - MD ACE Suppliers

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